JC Hopkins: 3 Poems


the song, a garbled bag of birds
the trees outside my window are golden
today, i will drive the Electrolux all over this place;
taking up the extradited crumbs of children
left in their hunger and haste

in this emptiness i imagine
what could be present
what could be devised
what could be devastated
out of paint and string and palette
as if crave was a word that could be used
for this purpose, then i crave,
if not a person, then a puppy


a bird
frozen to a branch
i have
i was twelve
coming home from school
on a frigid afternoon

it’s true
not only that
there was two of them


first thing in the morning
is as symbolic
as anything

the unopened poppies
and the overstuffed hamper
are somehow in conjunction
the broken flower vase
that used to be an urn
which is now in a white plastic bag
that contains a chicken carcass
corn husks, the Brooklyn rail covered in parakeet shit
and other detritus

listening to Strauss
admiring the latest painting
an abstract made of gold, white and black
that hangs above the poppies
the unopened poppies
everything seems to be
in its proper place

JC Hopkins is a poet, painter, playwright, novelist, Grammy nominated songwriter and jazz big band leader who lives in a part of Brooklyn known as Windsor Terrace. He curates a monthly poetry reading series for Spoonbill and Sugartown Booksellers called Poetry 99. He is the managing editor of the literary pulp fiction journal Noir Nation and the annual poetry anthology Love Within Love.

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