Kelly O’Rourke – The Nature Triad

Winter, squirrels foraging
Spring, furry goslings
Summer, cicadas humming
Fall, deciduous diving

Winter, a hawk tearing
A squirrel limb from limb
Spring, geese bobbing
Their heads, male climbing

Her back, biting her neck.
A baby raccoon drowning.
An otter hiding.
Goslings again.


Purer air, then a certain slope of highway dips before the first peek.
Trees firmly anchored, rivers swiftly escaping industrial dreams
Souvenir shops crammed with leathered and feathered figurines
Moose and deer saunter across the lone strip of pavement
Caves carved by glaciers tirelessly ushering through granite
Peaks sitting peaceably as chieftains, waiting to be found.


So many children
around us arrived,
scattered seeds
grew easy as fig trees

Sudden youths
ripe with new life.
We smiled, grew
swollen in our grief

Our hollow home
ever a vacancy
cursing the cradle
that never came.

Your lips struck mute
in your disbelief
of budding life
from waning life

A tiny flame
we hid from the winds,
harbored the fragile
bay of my womb

Welcoming M
alone, and her own
fervent fire. The joy
danced deeply inside.

Kelly O’Rourke is pursuing her MA in English, Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry at

San Francisco State University. Born and raised in Boston, she has lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, New York City, Turin, Italy, and currently calls San Francisco home. She has published poems in Blue Collar Review and Transfer Magazine. She adores landscape art and enjoys writing about photographic moments.


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